History of TSC (Ambulances)

The mission of Transport Sanitari de Catalunya (TSC) ) is to provide healthcare transportation services within Catalonia and Spain. It was created by The Red Cross when the service was privatized (21/12/1999).

In April 2008, Transport Sanitari de Catalunya bought Grup Condal, a pioneering company in ambulance transportation, with the goal of providing a better ambulance service to its clients and citizens.

This alliance allowed the Public Administration to count on a better contract with an improved capacity in response, innovation technology, quality and training and be able to provide an increasingly efficient model of business management in healthcare transportation in Catalonia and Spain.




To be the market leader in healthcare transportation in Spain and a benchmark in health and social services.


To add value to society through quality of service.


Quality: to achieve excellence in all areas of service.
Professionalism: to do the job with maximum efficiency, in order to produce expected results.
Responsibility: by considering our actions, we merit the trust of the people to whom we provide a service.
Honesty: to act with transparency in accordance with the law.
Care with respect: to treat our patients as we would like to be treated.