Characteristics of Service

Ambulance transportation of victims of illness and accidents in a professional manner ensuring at all times respectful care and maximum attention to our clients and/or users of the service.

Services Available

Primary medical transportation (alert, principally 061):

  • Traffic accidents
  • Medical emergencies
  • Catastrophes

Secondary medical transportation:

  • Inter-hospital transportation
  • Scheduled transportation of patients for tests and continued treatment (dialysis, rehabilitation, etc.)

Activity and Coverage 2010

During the course of 2010, our company provided a total of 1,061,714 services in medical transportation, with a monthly average of 88,476 services and covering a population of 2.900.000 citizens1:

Emergency Services:  185.692 (17,49%)

Scheduled Services:   876.022 (82,51%)

(individuals and groups)